In INTRARE our mission is to make migration as easy as possible. For refugees and migrants in need of protection, for the local population, and for companies. The migrants arriving with the caravans need support to establish a new life after fleeing violence and poverty. With your help we provide them with employment and integration to society and culture in Mexico.


Our mission is what drives us to improve our work every day. Learn more about how our integration is designed to maximize its potential for refugees, society and companies.

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  • We make great jobs accessible for migrants of the caravan.
    A job is key for migrants to gain foothold in their new home. We provide them with:
    • Job integration training with our vocational development experts.
    • Mentors for professional and social bonds.
  • We understand employers' needs.
    That's why we offer:
    • Sourcing of migrant candidates for employers.
    • We make our partner companies' efforts for migrants visible.
  • We create social bonds between society and migrants instead of friction.
    Sometimes migrants' integration can cause frictions in society. That's why we also make social integration easy for refugees and members of society.
    • Socio-cultural integration training with our experts.
    • Mentors and refugees building a community for inclusiveness.

Or by direct transfer. Donations are fully tax deductible in Mexico. Please don't forget to give us your contact details.

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Know our stories

I am Josué from Honduras.

Josué was intimidated by local gangs over years. When they started threatening to harm his family, he saw no other way but leaving home behind. The way to Mexico was dangerous, but once arrived he was able to start again. He lives in a small shared apartment now and has found a job as a security guard, where he can build on his professional experience. And that’s not all - he’s already made a couple of mexican friends, too.

I am Sebastián from Venezuela.

When Sebastián fled from Venezuela with his family, he had to interrupt his Master's studies in psychology. Arriving to Mexico, he decided to work to support himself and his family. With INTRARE he found a community of support, and even more. His dream was to work in an NGO. Now he's a psychologist for an organization helping migrants arriving to Mexico, giving back to the country that gave him a new home.


If you’re a refugee, migrant or returnee

  1. Our training is designed for you to find the right employment in Mexico.
  2. Our team helps you in your job search and connects you with vacancies of our partner companies.
  3. We ensure that you enter to a job with a decent salary, a formal contract and social security for you and your family.
  4. Our experts ensure that your integration to your new team goes without problems and discrimination.
  5. With a personal mentor we make sure that you can start knowing people in Mexico and build up your life with a community.

…And because all of those services are for free.

If you’re an employer

  1. Refugees and migrants bring high motivation, flexibility and diversity to your company. That’s positive for your rotation rates and makes it easy to employ them.
  2. You can have a high impact in refugees and migrants’ lives, who fled from violence and poverty- by nothing more but offering job opportunities.
  3. We analyze the the professional profile of refugees and migrants, and conduct sourcing to provide you with the most adequate candidates.
  4. We make sure that all refugees and migrants have the legal documents necessary to work.
  5. Our experts make sure that each refugees’ and migrants’ integration to your company goes as easy as possible.
  6. We show the social commitment of all employers we work with through media, articles and our own publications.


Or write us a message

Please let us know what you’re interested in and we’ll get in touch with you.

If you’d like to contact us on behalf of your company, please write us a message and we’ll get in touch with you.

If you’re a refugee, migrant or returnee in Mexico and would like to use our services to find work and gain foothold in society, please send us a message and we’ll get in touch with you.

If you’d be interested in volunteering or working with INTRARE, please write us a message and we’ll get in touch with you.